welcomes Vince Degregory to our team

Jorge Velazquez
Jorge Velazquez
Alydar and Jorge Velazquez
Bill Shoemaker
Alex Solis
Jacinto Vásquez, on the great filly, Ruffian.

Vince DeGregory

Hall of Fame Jockey Agent

Ranked #1 as the greatest jockey agent of all time!

Agent for the following jockeys:

•Angel Cordero
•Chris McCarron
•Laffit Pincay, Jr.
•Darrell McHargue
•Bill Shoemaker
•Jorge Velazquez
•Jacinto Vásquez
•Joel Rosario

He is semi-retired and currently handling the book of Joel Rosario.

Ron Anderson said the following about Degregory and Rosario,

"Because Vince picked him out, there is no doubt in my mind that Rosario has the talent to be an effective jockey" . "Vince has a superior eye for jockey talent".

Joel Rosario is's jockey and wears our logo on his pants. We picked Joel Rosario out of all jockeys available--including long-established jockeys who had high reputations--because we feel that he has the most potential to become the greatest jockey in the United States.

Vince has represented the greatest jockeys of all time, who rode the greatest horses of the past 40 years. Vince's reprensentations could fill a racing museum. Pictured below is the jockey who he now represents, Joel Rosario, who is destined to be the greatest jockey in the world. Joel is shown winning by "daylight" despite being at odds of 5-1.

Melanie Pinto

Melanie Pinto

Joel Rosario
Victor Espinosa
Angel Cordero
Chris Mccarron
Laffit Pincay, Jr
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